This is the story…

…of how we pro­du­ced the Album.


Mics: AKG (C1000S , C414B-ULS & D190 ), Audio

–Tech­nica 4050 ‚  Bey­er­dy­na­mic M300N © & M201, Fame PZM , MXL 2006, Neu­mann KM184 & KMS105 , Senn­hei­ser (ME-20, MD21 , MD­431, MD­421 & MD­441), Salossi G7 & Con­ra­dine, Samsung YP-U2, t.Bone SC-450
Inter­faces I: Vocals: Sie­mens V72 Preamp, dbx 166XL Com­pres­sor with small soft-knee into RME Mul­ti­face on The Child­ren Of Lir, Paddy’s Lament, The Foggy Dew and He Moves Through the Fair. Recor­ded on Cubase.
Inter­faces II: All other Songs recor­ded on Fos­tex MR8-HD with various Mics from the above list.
Inter­faces III: Some over­dubs come directly from Gara­ge­Band, which were recor­ded with the Tas­cam US 144.

Mixing and Effect Processing

All tracks were mixed using the foll­wing environment:

2x ESI nEar 05 near-field moni­tors
RME Ham­mer­fall DSP Mul­ti­face (via PCM­CIA)
Acer Aspire 3628 Note­book with 2GB RAM
for con­nec­ting with the RME
Acer Aspire 5738 as remote con­sole via
my kit­chen through WLAN
Debian 5.0.4 (Lenny) on both machi­nes.
Eca­sound v2.7.0
LAD­SPA (ver­sion 1.1 of ladspa.h)
SWH-Plugins v0.4.15
CMT 1.16
The collec­tion of hel­per pro­grams to manage the audio pro­jects. I cal­led them eca­scripts, because they are scripts that handle all stuff for me to get along with eca­sound. I guess they might be in ver­sion 0.2 now. ;-). Feel free to ask for fur­ther infor­ma­tion on it.
Vim 7.1.314 as the main front­end for edit­ing the eca pro­ject files.
Ple­nty of tues­days…
Lots of elec­tro­ly­tes (i.e. crisps) and *some* Bit­bur­ger
The car­pet, that really tied the room together…


During our mixing ses­si­ons, we noti­ced that while the lis­ten­ing through the RME soun­ded won­der­ful, the Aspire 3628 pro­du­ced sort of hard drive-rattling into the boun­ced wave files. For the whole dsp was on 32bit and the quite funny side-effects of the note­book, we deci­ded to make the final boun­ces on ano­ther machine. We used my vir­tual 64bit ser­ver with Two Intel Xeon 3.20GHz Dual cores and some RAM wi’hich is in a data­cen­ter nearby Frank­furt. We alre­ady had a Debian 5.0.4 on it and a 100/10 asym­me­tric DSL line, so ever­y­thing was fine. After com­pi­ling and instal­ling Eca­sound, the various LAD­SPA plu­gin collec­tions and my eca­scripts collec­tion, we were able to pro­cess the final waves there.

This was our fina­li­zing Environment:

A vSer­ver from Server4You with Debian 5.0.4 on it.
Audio soft­ware com­pi­led and instal­led on the ser­ver as lis­ted in the Mixing sec­tion.
A Net­Co­lo­gne 100/10 DSL line.
Openssh for remote ope­ra­tion.
Wget for fet­ching the final boun­ces.
We used Gnome CD Mas­ter for buil­ding the TOC files and for burning the mas­ter audio CDs. So we had the chance to leave all dsp-related stuff to eca­sound and burning as well as cue-ing to the bur­ner. We burnt the mas­ter CDs as tem­pla­tes for the glass mas­ter on the Aspire 5738

I’m very proud that we were able to bring the CD to life as it took us almost two years to find pro­per ways to manage it. Finally having deci­ded to go with Linux and espe­cially Eca­sound on the Ter­mi­nal (which I per­so­nally love best) gave us all free­dom we needed.

I’m also very proud of my band mates. They are so open-minded to get invol­ved with pro­du­cing that way we did. It’s just ano­ther CD (well, it’s two..) but to me it’s our con­tri­bu­tion to the free­dom in this world. To the good things. To the truth. To peace. Its in the music. Its in the way we did it. And that’s, what the story is all about!

Credits (in alphabetical order):

Ana­lo­gue Birds, Bar­bara & Tom, Bere­nike Lang­maak, Beate, Berg & Helge, Chris­tine & Chris­tian, dem Dude, Dir, Elina, unse­ren Fami­lien & Freun­den, Frank­furt, Gesa, Helga & Ste­fan & Leo, Isa, Johan­nes Elteste, Kai Veh­ma­nen, Kaja, Matthes, Mat­thias van den Berg, Maria McA­teer, unse­ren Nach­barn, Nasti, Nicola aus Lip­polds­berg, Sabine, Petra, Sascha Kat­ter­bach, den Schlag­sai­ten, Steffi & Jan, Tamara, Tom Szi­la­gyi, Steve Har­ris, Tho­mas & Maria, Ulli

Refe­ren­ces (others may follow):

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LAD­SPA home­page and various links to plu­gin libra­ries:
Steve Har­ris’ LAD­SPA Plu­gin Docs, see also for a very incon­spi­cious but ver good refe­rence list.
The Child­ren Of Lir home­page:
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The Child­ren Of Lir on Twit­ter:

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